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Glitching again

Marker (557) on Jun 20, 2012

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Hi guys,

Hung up again in Wizard. I'm trying to get one of my old games in, Broderbund's Stellar Shuttle, from '82. I screwed up first with the platform. It's Atari 8 bit, and I overlooked it. I put Atari ST in, along with everything else. Got a bounceback, natch. When I went to correct this morning I got that it takes 3 days to clear after a platform correction, so it wouldn't allow me to get past that input correction, and stalled up on me. No Go. Do I just sit for 3 days now, and is the alteration for platform in place?

Additionally, I've been lately going in with my submissions for illustrator credits with viz evidence to support my cases,ie: my old jobsheets, copies of my old invoices, even in some cases, modeling and reference shots I used to do the art, or shots of 4X5 transparencies I shot of original art showing my signatures. These have been working for you and I'm glad. Should I retract and resubmit some of my my older applications: P.O.W., Guerrilla War, Strike Gunner S.T.G.? They go back to March 1st in some cases.

In my earliest attempts I thought you would be pleased just to hear from An Olde Illustrator, an just take my word for it. (...I had a lot to learn.)


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