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Russian text on PC-98 box

Infernos (26997) on Nov 29, 2016

Noticed there's some Russian text on the front cover. But my Russian is pretty rusty to say the least so all I got was: "Small country BYTHOL guarded by great dragon."

Perhaps someone here can translate the whole thing and add it to the trivia section.

Re: Russian text on PC-98 box

Virgil (8603) on Nov 30, 2016

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"A small country of Bituol, guarded by a great dragon. In the center of a town a great pompous tower stands just like a symbol of calmness of the light. The town is built surrounding the tower that exists since the ancient times and the people of the town lived lively."

Yes, it's badly written and has both grammatical as well as stylistic errors. Maybe they considered Russian weird enough so that was some sort of avantgarde statement to impress the public.