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Posts by S Olafsson

31 public threads matched your search. Displaying items 1 through 25.

Forum Topic Date
Bounty Board Credits wanted for Capcom games [all done] Apr 29, 2017
Bugs Abandoned credits, started over, groups stuck Dec 19, 2016
MobyGames Magazines list Dec 10, 2016
MobyGames World of Spectrum as reference for credits Dec 04, 2016
MobyGames Mastertronic's Added Dimension Nov 10, 2016
Suggestions Cover images: kindly provided by "X" Oct 25, 2016
Suggestions Release dates unconfirmed: allowed to be submitted without a date? Dec 29, 2016
Bounty Board Moby-users of the low countries - this guy publish any games? Oct 05, 2016
MobyGames Credit's order Dec 02, 2016
Suggestions Product codes which don't fit anywhere Aug 07, 2016
Bounty Board Some ZX Spectrum games to add Aug 07, 2016
Bugs Game browser - Compilations Oct 01, 2016
Bugs Auto-approval Jul 19, 2016
Bugs MobyLink - link to self Jul 04, 2016
MobyGames Resources list Jul 03, 2016
Bugs One of the "themes" redirects to a wrong page Oct 01, 2016
News New Content: Promotional Images Jun 12, 2016
Bugs Blank critic score assumed as zero instead of giving an error May 31, 2016
Suggestions Show porter on rap sheet May 29, 2016
News Site Updates: New Cover Types and More May 30, 2016
MobyGames Early computer platforms we're missing releases on? Apr 04, 2017
Suggestions Editing/adding trivia May 16, 2016
Game Forums Pac-Man Atarisoft / Datasoft releases May 02, 2016
Bugs Editing Credits (groups) Apr 30, 2016
Suggestions Credits with Copyright ©, dates and companies Apr 29, 2016