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Posts by Ronald Diemicke

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Forum Topic Date
News Game falls into Enemy Territory Mar 10, 2007
News The War of Game Design Mar 08, 2007
News "Upending the Tea Table" Mar 08, 2007
News Gears of a'War'ds Mar 08, 2007
News If you're an independent game developer and you know it, clap your hands! Mar 08, 2007
News Sony's Virtual Mall Mar 07, 2007
News A Motorsport made for you and me Mar 07, 2007
News Innovate this! Mar 07, 2007
News Welcome to NOT the N-Gage. Mar 06, 2007
News "Games need to sell themselves..." Mar 05, 2007
News Well... that would certainly make the journey longer... Mar 02, 2007
News Looks like another case of 'Look at Me!' disease... Feb 15, 2007
News 'Is there really any other kind of' Wars ? Feb 14, 2007
News Move like a butterfly, Sting like a Wii Feb 12, 2007
News New publishing support for the n-gage! Feb 05, 2007
News Windows to Linux to PS3 ? Jan 29, 2007
News Might wanna grab your flamethrower... Dec 11, 2006
News 'How many units did we say we'd sell before the end of year?... oh crap." Dec 06, 2006
News Pro Gaming: The future of sports television or cheap filler ? Dec 04, 2006
News Wright on Colbert! Nov 29, 2006
News Wiii-aaammm! Nov 29, 2006
News Are you the hackmaster? Nov 27, 2006
News Lackluster holidays...? Nov 27, 2006
News Need the police? Send the bill to Sony. Nov 20, 2006
News Sony's blunders aren't limited to hardware... Nov 16, 2006