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Posts by Ronald Diemicke

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Forum Topic Date
News Spring time for Halo... sorta... Nov 15, 2006
News Countdown to Console Chaos... Nov 13, 2006
News Ways to blow up stuff for all members of the family... Nov 08, 2006
News When is Pong not Pong...? Nov 06, 2006
News Wright-ing the world Nov 01, 2006
News Filming an Oddworld Oct 30, 2006
News World of Girly Men Oct 25, 2006
News ECA plays smart with PlaySmart and gobbles GamePolitics Oct 25, 2006
News BC for PS3 coming ASAP but now for PSP Oct 23, 2006
News Thompson Vs. The Kids Oct 18, 2006
News A Yellow Dog on your Playstation 3 Oct 18, 2006
News You dig to DANCE! ? Oct 16, 2006
News Two surprises and a disappointment... Oct 13, 2006
News It seems like PS3 is backward compatible with the PS2's mistakes. Oct 11, 2006
News A twenty-something industry with a teenage mindset. Oct 09, 2006
News Anyone can make baseless predictions... Oct 04, 2006
News Wii want Ethernet ! Oct 04, 2006
News Pitch your tent now... Oct 03, 2006
News When it was just a Wii thought... Oct 02, 2006
News XBox 360 announcements like WOA! Sep 27, 2006
News Pretty soon doom will run natively on the human brain... Sep 27, 2006
News Ok ok ok ... I think we've got nearly all the launch pieces... Sep 25, 2006
News Microsoft puts the P in high definition. Sep 20, 2006
News Oh... You mean you wanted to play online? Sorry. Sep 18, 2006
News iGame on your iPod ? Sep 13, 2006