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Posts by Ronald Diemicke

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Forum Topic Date
News Welcome to NOT the N-Gage. Mar 06, 2007
News "Games need to sell themselves..." Mar 06, 2007
News 'Is there really any other kind of' Wars ? Feb 18, 2007
News Might wanna grab your flamethrower... Dec 13, 2006
News And the Game of the Year is .... Dec 11, 2006
News 'How many units did we say we'd sell before the end of year?... oh crap." Dec 06, 2006
News Pro Gaming: The future of sports television or cheap filler ? Dec 04, 2006
News 10 Worst 1st Party Controllers of All Time Nov 28, 2006
News Are you the hackmaster? Nov 29, 2006
News Duke Nukem *Not* Forever Nov 13, 2006
News Wright-ing the world Nov 02, 2006
News Filming an Oddworld Oct 30, 2006
News Jack Thompson sends Cease and Desist to Mortal Kombat creators Oct 30, 2006
News World of Girly Men Oct 27, 2006
News BC for PS3 coming ASAP but now for PSP Oct 25, 2006
News CGW is dead... Long Live CGW! Oct 18, 2006
News You dig to DANCE! ? Oct 17, 2006
News Failed part Deux Oct 16, 2006
News A twenty-something industry with a teenage mindset. Oct 09, 2006
News Wii want Ethernet ! Oct 04, 2006
News Pitch your tent now... Oct 04, 2006
News Ok ok ok ... I think we've got nearly all the launch pieces... Sep 26, 2006
News accepting Wii pre-orders in the US Sep 17, 2006
News More like 'I wish i was on fire'-side chat... Sep 10, 2006
News Atari Dead Pool Aug 09, 2006