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Posts by Corn Popper

197 public threads matched your search. Displaying items 1 through 25.

Forum Topic Date
Bugs I can't rate Krazy Racers... there's no options! Dec 31, 2006
MobyGames Next-gen Console: V.Flash! Dec 07, 2006
MobyGames The Adventures Of Batman & Robin (Sega CD) Dec 07, 2006
MobyGames Anybody played / owns Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge? Dec 14, 2006
MobyGames Rejected but wait I didn't submit it! Dec 01, 2006
Bugs More credits issues Nov 30, 2006
MobyGames Lost a point Dec 01, 2006
MobyGames Corrections by you Nov 28, 2006
MobyGames How long does information take to update here? Nov 28, 2006
MobyGames Soundtrack cd's, maps, posters, etc. Dec 08, 2006
MobyGames Corrections? Nov 27, 2006
Bugs No PEGI on Windows? Nov 26, 2006
MobyGames MobyGames earn much money on your FREE contrib! Nov 24, 2006
MobyGames Wii and PS3 download games Nov 22, 2006
Bugs Submitted credits missing on credits page Nov 18, 2006
Bugs Just a bit of strange behavior Nov 18, 2006
MobyGames Neverwinter Nights 2 Limited Edition Game Entry Nov 14, 2006
MobyGames Platform Independent Games Nov 10, 2006
MobyGames Searching for recently added games Nov 14, 2006
MobyGames Keyboard overlays and cover scans Nov 06, 2006
MobyGames Problem with submissions, TurboGrafx CD covers Nov 05, 2006
MobyGames Super Pitfall for TRS-80 Coco - still can't add Nov 01, 2006
Bugs Can't choose Keep Case in Master System cover art Oct 30, 2006
MobyGames A funny thing Oct 28, 2006
MobyGames Advice on new game entries. Dec 01, 2006