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atari vcs

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Game Forums How to use the level editor? May 15, 2022
Game Forums How many bonus tables are there? Feb 09, 2021
MobyGames I want to add some games, but I can't get past the "Release data" stage Jan 21, 2021
Game Forums No table loads Jan 19, 2021
Game Forums Advice for the double-left-handed? Jan 19, 2021
Game Forums Nasty password system Jan 08, 2021
Game Forums Discrimination of old-Windows users :( Dec 12, 2020
Off Topic Counting number of colours in an image May 25, 2020
Game Forums Game speed issues May 21, 2020
Game Forums Same-gender romance? May 05, 2020
MobyGames Game categories Apr 17, 2020
MobyGames Sent content - I'm really sorry to complain... Apr 17, 2020
Game Forums How to make keyboard work? Apr 12, 2020
Game Forums Bypassing bugs with ScummVM, part 2 Apr 11, 2020
Game Forums Is the game indeed available for Windows? Mar 25, 2020
MobyGames Submission Approvals Apr 17, 2020
Game Forums How tall is the mountain in the game? Feb 25, 2020
Game Forums Discrimination of computer players Feb 25, 2020
Game Forums How to use cheats? Mar 03, 2020
Game Forums How to exit a level? Jan 27, 2020
Game Forums Background settings????????? Nov 17, 2019
Game Forums Sliding puzzle Oct 06, 2019
Game Forums How to run the game? Oct 02, 2019
Game Forums How to skip credits? Sep 18, 2019
Game Forums I need some walkthrough-like help: can't give the statuette Sep 07, 2019