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Suggestions Electromechanical arcades Jun 11, 2022
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Suggestions Genre definitions with examples (more and for all) Mar 18, 2018
Game Forums Stanley Schembri on ZX Spectrum credits or not? Sep 30, 2017
Suggestions Defunct authors Sep 07, 2017
Suggestions Corrections for releases Sep 04, 2017
Bugs Insert credit with a name that matches the only existent on the database Jul 13, 2017
Off Topic screenshots and resizing resolution (PNG) Jul 12, 2017
Game Forums Separate entry Jul 11, 2017
Game Forums Screenshots at the wrong entry? Jul 19, 2017
Off Topic imgbox is going to shut down Jun 26, 2017
Game Forums Creation of group for "Legend's interactive fiction games" Jun 19, 2017
Off Topic What happened to World of Spectrum? Jun 06, 2017
MobyGames Companies profile linked to developers profiles Feb 08, 2017
Game Forums Group for the family of minesweeper games Feb 03, 2017
Bugs Full cover and Front cover Jan 05, 2017
MobyGames So this is a thing now? Jan 05, 2017
News Happy New Year to all MobyGames readers/contributors! Jan 05, 2017
Off Topic Merry Christmas you bunch of game nerds! Dec 26, 2016
MobyGames Correction of name of developer Dec 24, 2016
MobyGames World of Spectrum as reference for credits Dec 04, 2016