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Posts by Gonchi

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Forum Topic Date
Game Forums a show-stopping bug? (or a feature?) Jul 30, 2012
News The 2010 Top Country Representatives! Jan 22, 2011
Game Talk Best hentai dating game? Jan 07, 2011
MobyGames Abandonia has been removed from the MobyRanks Aug 21, 2010
Game Talk Realistic games with historical setting Aug 08, 2010
Game Talk Pirate Woes #1523 Aug 09, 2010
Game Talk Freddy Pharkas Aug 28, 2009
Game Talk Worst sequel you've ever played... Aug 28, 2009
News Grim Fandango puzzle design document released by Tim Schafer Nov 14, 2008
News A Drunken Irishman's history of Western RPGs - part two Jul 23, 2008
News Houston, we have a problem... Apr 18, 2008
News Blu-ray wins the format wars as HD-DVD is axed by Toshiba. Mar 01, 2008
News Ron Gilbert finds publisher for Monkey Island/Diablo mix Jan 11, 2008
News Happy New Year! Jan 01, 2008
Game Forums Installation Disk? Dec 03, 2007
Game Forums Borg Console on Disc 3 Oct 03, 2007
Game Forums About the novel... Sep 11, 2007
Game Forums Good News if you kinda liked this game a bit. Sep 10, 2007
MobyGames Box or Slipcase for some old games' packaging? Sep 11, 2007
Game Talk Has anyone here played the new Sam & Max? Feb 19, 2007
MobyGames Relaxing the rules on descriptions Jan 22, 2007
MobyGames MobyScore system problems Jan 21, 2007
Yard Sale DOS Games for free/ trade. Jan 14, 2007
Game Talk Old Adventure Game Feb 14, 2007
MobyGames GameGroups that shouldn't be used. Jan 14, 2007