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MobyGames Missing Platforms Jun 05, 2021
Bugs eBay links don't work? Mar 16, 2021
Suggestions Game group: developer photo included in game Dec 31, 2020
Suggestions Game group suggestion: games with pandemics/deadly viruses Dec 31, 2020
Find a game DOS 80s Lode Runner type game with map editor, white eyes, title "Constructor"? Aug 28, 2020
Find a game Game from 80s? on floppy disk. Aug 28, 2020
Find a game DOS Maze Game Aug 28, 2020
Find a game [SOLVED] Amiga Asteroids-like game with black hole ~1987-1991 (shareware?) Jul 07, 2020
Suggestions Group suggestion: Super Scaler arcade tech (Outrun, Space Harrier etc.) Aug 08, 2018
Find a game Reddit challenging request, which C64/C128 game based on sound Jan 25, 2018
Game Forums Publisher of the MSX releases Jan 02, 2018
Suggestions Group suggestion: possess/control enemies Nov 26, 2017
Suggestions Group suggestion: Optical Illusion / Perspective puzzles Nov 11, 2017
Suggestions Group suggestion: tile maze removal (like Sensitive or Pyramids of Ra) Oct 30, 2017
Suggestions Group suggestion: Soccer with cars Oct 20, 2017
MobyGames Dedicated consoles and dedicated handhelds Apr 23, 2017
Game Talk $10k of rare SNES games lost by mail Feb 22, 2017
Game Forums Track name Liberty City, any connection to GTA? Jan 29, 2017
Game Talk Open Source Games, playable games or tech demos? Mar 01, 2017
Game Talk stackoverflow proposed Q&A site for vintage consoles Mar 25, 2016
Suggestions Missing games, MG could aim more at game collectors? Oct 22, 2015
Game Forums No battery save, how did anyone finish this game? Oct 19, 2015
MobyGames Where are MobyGames' biggest 'holes'? Oct 19, 2015
MobyGames What ways to retrieve "uncredited" credits in games? Oct 19, 2015
MobyGames Missing MSX tech spec options.. Jul 06, 2015