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Forum Topic Date
Game Talk C64 recommendations. Sep 23, 2011
Game Talk Most trusted gaming equipment. Sep 23, 2011
Game Talk Restart game? May 29, 2011
Game Talk Female vs. Male gamers Nov 12, 2010
Game Talk Graphical tolerance Oct 30, 2010
Game Talk What's in your Pile of Shame? Oct 29, 2010
Game Talk 15th annual IF Compo Oct 16, 2010
Game Forums Gets too much credit for the gameplay Oct 10, 2010
Game Talk The dream is dead Sep 20, 2010
Game Talk [v1.5.2] Official MG Guild of Hardcore Gaming™ Aug 31, 2010
Game Talk Looking for a PS fighting game Aug 22, 2010
Game Talk Satisfying Game Endings Aug 24, 2010
Game Forums Essential mods? Jul 06, 2010
Game Talk Goldsmithing, Cooking, Animal "Trophies" Apr 23, 2010
Game Talk The Hardcore Gamer IQ Test: VG Characters Apr 12, 2010
Game Talk Early 'survival horror' games? Mar 17, 2009
Game Talk BEST movie-licensed games Sep 19, 2008
Game Talk Bakers Dozen Sep 19, 2008
Game Talk It's all about the little things... Sep 19, 2008
Game Talk Player-friendly JRPGs-what is the world coming to? Jun 03, 2008
Game Talk The Women of Gaming (not a pictorial :-P) Jun 03, 2008
Game Talk Lets just go outside, like our fathers did. Jun 06, 2008
Game Forums Hyperman TV series Mar 27, 2008
Game Talk Mature moments Jan 28, 2008
Off Topic Console or PC? Feb 07, 2008