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Forum Topic Date
MobyGames The region segment of Nintendo PN of Japanese GameBoy games should be optional Dec 01, 2022
Bugs Release countries cannot be more than 31 Mar 28, 2022
News MobyGames ownership update Mar 09, 2022
MobyGames The scraper does not support DLCs on Nintendo Store Feb 09, 2022
MobyGames An amendment to "1.2.1 Main Title" chapter of MobyGames Standards Jan 06, 2022
Game Talk Geo (Japan) will purge all goods of specific platforms soon Oct 04, 2021
MobyGames Cannot add CERO rating to a Japanese Windows game Jul 22, 2021
Bugs Add new game wizard of Steam cannot access region-locked games Jul 17, 2021
MobyGames About ratings on Korean rating organization website May 27, 2021
MobyGames Missing Platforms Jan 28, 2022
MobyGames We need a screenshot resolution for Nintendo 3DS. Apr 15, 2021
MobyGames Cannot add Russian RARS rating for a 2011 3DS game. Apr 14, 2021
Suggestions Update for rating system form Nov 19, 2020
Suggestions Please update the form of System Requirements Sep 05, 2020