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Posts by JPaterson

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Forum Topic Date
MobyGames Hey all, old, old, OLD question. Apr 21, 2014
Off Topic Funny Burger King Games Trailer Dec 02, 2006
Off Topic DVD authoring program recommendation. Nov 25, 2006
Off Topic Hide my head I want to drown my sorrows. Nov 16, 2006
Off Topic i'm not worth reading Nov 08, 2006
Off Topic I'm in the Bahamas and you're not Nov 06, 2006
News Another reason to get fibre in the home Nov 04, 2006
Off Topic Pick my choice! Long read, but I want opinions. Nov 04, 2006
Off Topic Is there anyone with a sense of justice out there? Nov 08, 2006
Off Topic You guys seen this new Dove beauty commerical? Oct 26, 2006
Off Topic I hate not having nails. Oct 21, 2006
Off Topic I just have to bitch. What happened to English? Nov 07, 2006
Off Topic Wallpaper cycle. Oct 18, 2006
News accepting Wii pre-orders in the US Sep 18, 2006
Off Topic Name of the free Xbox Live membership? Sep 03, 2006
Off Topic Help me remember a game please! Aug 24, 2006
Off Topic Week four is a go. Aug 24, 2006
Off Topic Which is the scariest game? Aug 07, 2006
Off Topic poker with video game look Aug 06, 2006
Off Topic STEAMed Aug 02, 2006
Off Topic A great idea for a movie Jul 22, 2006
Off Topic Been a while. Jul 16, 2006
Bugs Missing items on left-hand bar Sep 16, 2004
Bugs More errors Feb 02, 2004
Bugs "Submission is a correction!"... Sep 09, 2003