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Posts by leilei

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Forum Topic Date
MobyGames waifu2x does a good job at removing JPEG artifacts - may be useful Jun 01, 2018
MobyGames Quake III Team Arena "engine"???? Apr 17, 2018
Game Forums Game with MSI! Feb 19, 2014
Game Talk Japanese first-person shooters Feb 18, 2014
Suggestions Revise screenshot captions tool Feb 17, 2014
Suggestions Approver request: Make previous sources available Feb 19, 2014
News Dungeon Keeper free on GoG! Feb 16, 2014
Game Talk How many different game characters are there? Feb 17, 2014
Suggestions Game Group proposal: DirectPlay Feb 12, 2014
MobyGames Mods Feb 10, 2014
Game Forums CD-key Feb 07, 2014
Off Topic So well done Feb 08, 2014
MobyGames If you could have one admin power... Feb 08, 2014
MobyGames Site update part deux Feb 05, 2014
Game Forums Should be split Feb 04, 2014
MobyGames Site update the first Feb 04, 2014
Game Forums Has cover art approvals become this sloppy? Feb 04, 2014
MobyGames Different ports (arcade) Feb 01, 2014
Game Forums Betas on MG Feb 01, 2014
Off Topic retro gaming convention in Deurne, Netherlands Jan 30, 2014
Off Topic "Guess that game/thing" reddits Jan 30, 2014
MobyGames Game Group proposal: Protagonist: Elf Jan 29, 2014
MobyGames Really bad games showcase Jan 30, 2014
Game Talk Grand Theft Auto games: are these acceptable? Jan 31, 2014
Game Forums Beautiful video for a beautiful game Feb 03, 2014