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Snowy floating island, ball character, match 3 removal game1Szabolcs TörökSzabolcs Török
May 05, 2021
Back to the 80s ..maybe 90s6racindriver1MAT (221193)
May 03, 2021
strategy game similar to rome total war3a aa a
May 03, 2021
[SOLVED] A old snowboard/skiing/wintersports game for Windows, man on snowboard 1Alecu LunguleacAlecu Lunguleac
May 01, 2021
An early 2000s off road game!1RumoreRumore
Apr 19, 2021
Help downloading original resolution box cover1PinballZombiePinballZombie
Apr 17, 2021
let's try again, colorful 3d vector, 2000's, windows/dos.1penchostellapenchostella
Apr 17, 2021
3D_action/rpg/fantasy game played in a group of four (single player)?1michalramamichalrama
Apr 12, 2021
Chip's Challenge Windows95 like game2m mjean-louis (53373)
Mar 13, 2021
Looking for a game with a maze in it from the 1980s1Stanley KollaschStanley Kollasch
Mar 06, 2021
Old PC Racing Game with Batmobile and Mystery Machine2Hagen96Rwolf (18317)
Mar 01, 2021
I need the name, help me, please2Diana BagryanskayaEvolyzer (19329)
Feb 26, 2021
Game similar to age of war1Olaf ROlaf R
Feb 19, 2021
Pig Poker Browser Flash Game1spicy chickenspicy chicken
Feb 19, 2021
Mid to late 90s, first person 2d, adventure/puzzle, iMac g3, moonlit chess?1Faye GFaye G
Feb 12, 2021
Mid-1980s text based DOS games on 5.25"1Key StrokeKey Stroke
Feb 12, 2021
Bomberman alike game, but characters were bunnies...need name2miguel godinezAlaka (77596)
Feb 11, 2021
90's computer lab memory. please help figure it out11Josh ARwolf (18317)
Jan 30, 2021
90's scene coloring game11jen0702Rwolf (18317)
Jan 26, 2021
[PC] [90s] 2D Platformer Exit Levels With Robot2James DTRwolf (18317)
Jan 26, 2021