3D Engine: Phoenix3D

Group Description

Games using the Phoenix3D engine, a multiplatform graphics/middleware engine developed by the French 4X Technologies.

It was known for its reasonable price (300 000 francs flat-fee). Also, beginning developers could license it for only 30,000 francs and only when a publishing contract was signed, the remaining 270,000 francs had to be paid. The base of this engine has later been re-used in Kylotonn Entertainment's Kt engine. At a later time, Phoenix 3D Net was developed, a version of the engine to be used with browser games. XTrm Race was one of the titles to use it.

Selected Covers

Iron Storm Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Iron Storm
The Messenger Windows Front Cover
Front cover for The Messenger
Inquisition Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Inquisition

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from Iron Storm
Your character, Morganna. Here she listens to her father's recorded message in the intro movie.
Screenshot from The Messenger
Main menu.
Screenshot from Inquisition
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