3D Engine: Serious Engine

Group Description

Games using a version of the first generation Serious Engine (original or modified) by Croteam Ltd.. The engine is designed for the Win32 platform (both PC and Xbox), specifically optimized to allow large spaces and large numbers of entities, with rendering support for both DirectX and OpenGL.

Selected Covers

EuroCops Windows Front Cover
Front cover for EuroCops
Deer Hunter 2003 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Deer Hunter 2003
Serious Sam: Gold Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Serious Sam: Gold

Selected Screenshots

Loading screen
Screenshot from EuroCops
In addition to the two official games, Serious Sam Gold includes a number of user made levels for the first encounter...
Screenshot from Serious Sam: Gold
Main Menu.
Screenshot from Serious Sam
From the intro
Screenshot from Nitro Family
Game group created by Sciere (507963), additional games added to group by Kabushi (209401) and Scaryfun (17616)