Actua Sports series

Group Description

The Actua Sports Series are to Gremlin what the popular EA Sports brand are to Electronic Arts - a number of sports games released under a single brand. Actua covers four sports: Soccer (as both player and manager), Ice Hockey, Golf and Tennis. Additionally several "hobby" games were released such as Billiards.

Selected Covers

Actua Soccer 2 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Actua Soccer 2
VR Golf '97 PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for VR Golf '97
Actua Pool Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Actua Pool
Fox Sports Golf '99 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Fox Sports Golf '99

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from Actua Soccer 2
Screenshot from Actua Pool
Title screen (European version)
Screenshot from Fox Sports Golf '99
Title Screen.
Screenshot from Actua Tennis
Main menu
Screenshot from Actua Ice Hockey 2
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