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Amber series

Group Description

Amber is a series of German-made fantasy role-playing games. The games are set in the world known as Lyramion and have an overarching story that involves Tarbos, God of Chaos, and the black magician Marmion trying to devastate the land. The player chooses between several pre-defined protagonists and eventually may control a party of combatants who join their quest. A notable feature is the combination of 2D top-down graphics for traveling the world and first-person 3D navigation for cities and dungeons. Combat in the games is turn-based and involves moving characters on a grid.

The series was a planned trilogy that was never actually finished due to the demise of Thalion Software. The closure of the company also prevented the commercial release of the English version of Ambermoon, the second game in the series, even though the English translation was completed and fully implemented into the game.

Part of the Amber team later went on to create Albion for Blue Byte Software.

Selected Covers

Amberstar DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Amberstar
Ambermoon Amiga Front Cover
Front cover for Ambermoon
Dragonflight Atari ST Front Cover
Front cover for Dragonflight

Selected Screenshots

Title Sequence
Screenshot from Amberstar
Title screen
Screenshot from Ambermoon
Title screen
Screenshot from Dragonflight
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