Arcus series

Group Description

A series of RPGs developed by Wolf Team where the player saves the kingdom Arcusas from great evil. The gameplay shifts from installment to installment. While Arcus is played in first-person and is reminiscent of Western RPGs its successor Arcus II: Silent Symphony plays more like traditional JRPGs in a top-down view. In contrast the third game Arcus Odyssey is an action oriented game similar to Gauntlet. Arcus III however returns to the gameplay mechanics of the first game.

Selected Covers

Arcus Odyssey Genesis Front Cover
Front cover for Arcus Odyssey
Arcus MSX Front Cover
Front cover for Arcus

Selected Screenshots

Screenshot from Arcus Odyssey
Title screen
Screenshot from Arcus III
Interesting Wolfteam logo...
Screenshot from Arcus
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