Baldr games

Group Description

Baldr is a series of action battlemech games developed by GIGA. Most of the installments are unrelated to each other by plot, but feature recurrent elements, such as futuristic setting and mech combat with predominantly shooter mechanics.

The first Baldr game, Baldrhead (1999) combined overhead exploration of dungeon-like areas with light visual novel elements. Subsequent installments removed all exploration elements and only featured pre-set battles in confined areas and automatic visual novel portions. Most Baldr games have explicit sexual content, though console ports and some PC editions removed it.

Selected Covers

Baldr Force EXE Dreamcast Front Cover
Front cover for Baldr Force EXE

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Baldr Force
Title screen
Screenshot from Baldr Force EXE
Title screen
Screenshot from Sōkō Hime Baldrfist
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