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This group includes games based on the ongoing manga Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン; US title Case Closed) by Gōshō Aoyama, serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday since 1994. The story follows high school detective Shinichi Kudō (Jimmy Kudo), who, poisoned by members of the mysterious criminal syndicate called Black Organization, transforms into a child version of himself instead of dying. To avoid being killed he assumes a new identity, Conan Edogawa, and decides to live together with his girlfriend Ran Mōri (Rachel Moore) and her father Kogorō Mōri (Richard Moore), who happens to run a detective agency. As Conan, Shinichi continues to solve criminal cases, while hiding his real identity from both friends and enemies. To bring cases to a conclusion and reveal the culprit, Conan can sometimes lead the rather incompetent Kogorō to the truth by throwing hidden hints, or more often he knocks out other characters (usually Kogorō) using the wristwatch tranquilizer and impersonates them with his bowtie voice changer. Because of this, Ran's father has become a famous detective across the series nicknamed the "Sleeping Kogorō".

There is a wide cast of recurring characters, including Conan's friends and family, police inspectors from various prefectures in Japan, criminals and so on. The most important ones are professor Hiroshi Agasa (Hershel Agasa), a Kudō family friend and the one who invents Conan's gadgets, The Junior Detective League, Conan's new elementary school friends with whom he solves cases sometimes, Heiji Hattori (Harley Hartwell), a rival high school detective from Osaka, and Kaitō Kid (Phantom Thief Kid), a thief that constantly outsmarts Conan and the police. A lot of the action takes place in Beika City (a pun on Baker Street) in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but the franchise becomes a veritable touristic guide to Japan, as Conan and the gang visit many places in the country.

Besides the manga, the franchise is comprised of an ongoing anime television series, yearly anime feature films, OVAs, live-action movies, audio CDs, and of course video games. New games based on Meitantei Conan are released almost every year, and are usually Japan-exclusives, with The Mirapolis Investigation being the only localized title so far. Generally, they are adventure games with visual novel elements.

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Meitantei Conan PlayStation Front Cover Manual - Front
Front cover for Meitantei Conan

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Screenshot from Meitantei Conan
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