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Cosmic Fantasy series

Group Description

Cosmic Fantasy is a series of Japanese-style role-playing games. Created by the manga artist Kazuhiro Ochi and produced by Laser Soft and Telenet Japan, the series is comprised of five games, all released within a short time span exclusively (with the exception of the enhanced compilation Cosmic Fantasy Stories) on the PC Engine/TurboGrafx CD console. The series is notable for its strong anime flavor; the first Cosmic Fantasy (1990) was among the earlier RPGs to feature extended anime-style cutscenes and voice acting.

All Cosmic Fantasy games are set in the same fictional universe, where space travel and other sci-fi elements co-exist with planets ruled by medieval societies. The series has an overarching story with recurrent characters, including some of the main heroes. The principal protagonists of the series are the so-called "cosmic hunters", space travelers who help rescuing inhabitants of planets with backwards civilizations. These cosmic hunters include the young adventurer Yū and his love interest Saya, as well as Van and his friend Cadette Babette (Rim in the Japanese version), who first appear in Cosmic Fantasy 2. The antagonists are mainly the villainous "space pirates". The stories contain elements of comedy and mild eroticism.

Of all the games in the series, only Cosmic Fantasy 2 (1991) was released in Western countries, localized and published by Working Designs.

Selected Covers

Cosmic Fantasy Stories SEGA CD Front Cover
Front cover for Cosmic Fantasy Stories

Selected Screenshots

The intro is common to both games
Screenshot from Cosmic Fantasy Stories
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