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The Cursed Treasure games are Tower Defense games in which the player is on the dark side and defends his gems against incoming, thieving heroes. The heroes have different classes which will effect their stats and beside the basic heroes, all heroes have an active or passive skill which they can use.

The defense is made by three different races. There are the green Orcs, the blue Undead and the red Demons. The color of the race defines where they can build their towers, e.g. the Orcs can build on grassland but not on ice. Each race has a single start tower. With enough experience (gained by killing heroes) the basic tower can be upgraded two times before becoming a more powerful building, where the player can select between two different improvements. Beside the towers, the player can cast three different spells, which require mana.

After each level the player himself gains experience (for killing enemies, surviving waves and securing gems). For each level up the player gets three skill points which can be freely used to upgrade buildings and spells for the different races. Each spend skill point will also increase a global ability of all towers (fire rate in the Orc skill tree, range in the Undead, damage in the Demon).

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