Digital Strip Poker series

Group Description

A series of strip poker games by Slickrock Software, LLC.

Originally (circa 2000), Slickrock Software released 19 CDs representing 15 Signature editions and 4 Combo editions featuring playmates of Playboy magazine appeared in XX century's nineties. Each Signature CD contains the featured model in 3 unique outfits. Each Combo CD contains 3 different models, each in a unique outfit not on their Signature CD.

Later (circa 2007), 3 CDs were released by with new models in manner of Signature edition.

All games may be described as follow:

"You select one of three themed sets with a girl and start to play a strip poker with her. Both of you have $100 in cash and if it all spent, a part of clothes is taken off to get another $100. The goal of the game is to undress the opponent completely. This variant of card game is 5-card draw poker with "Baby Flush" or "Inside Straight" combinations are also considered as winning.

The girl is presented in sets of video sequences and talks to you with her voice.

If the game engine is raised to version 1.2, you are able to return to main menu after game is over. Also the list of winnings is added to help you understand who wins and why."

Selected Screenshots

Game group created by Patrick Bregger (211074), additional games added to group by Jeanne (76516)