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Variant home conversions of the mid-1970s mainframe fantasy role-playing game DND that was very successful and spawned dozens of variants. DND is a 2D, top-down, dungeon crawl, similar to Rogue-like games, but with some differences.

For example, most traditional DND-likes don't have random dungeon level generation. They mostly feature one or more fixed levels, albeit often with randomly generated monsters and treasure.

Another defining feature of "DND-likes" is the limited view of the surrounding. During dungeon exploration, the player is only shown the immediately adjacent 3x3 fields (although some DND variants have a larger view). This window follows the character, who is always displayed in the center. The player is not shown an overview of the level; in contrast, traditional Rogue-likes display the whole map level map, with the player avatar moving on screen. (DND-like games are infamous for the amount of map-drawing required by players, even if some have automapping to relieve the player -- the first being the mainframe game orthanc in as early as 1976!).

Traditional DND-likes are single-character crawls and have turn-based gameplay; however, some later games added party support and real-time play (notable is the home computer rpg classic Telengard); these variants can be included here as long as they stick to the non-random level and limited surrounding view criterion.

Many early 2D top-down rpg's lie halfway between Roguelikes and DND-likes. Games like Randall Masteller's Warriors of Ras games (non-random levels, full view) or Automated Simulations' Dunjonquest games (non-random levels, limited view, but moving character and page-flipping) should not be added here.

Selected Covers

Dungeon of Death Commodore PET/CBM Front Cover
Front cover for Dungeon of Death
Telengard Commodore 64 Front Cover
Front cover for Telengard

Selected Screenshots

The title screen and main menu.
Screenshot from Heathkit DND
Title screen
Screenshot from Telengard
Title screen
Screenshot from Caverns of Zoarre
Title screen
Screenshot from DND
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