Donkey Kong variants

Group Description

Games that were inspired by the design principles of Donkey Kong. These games typically feature climbing up platforms that are connected by ladders. These games also typically have an enemy at the top of the platforms throwing down obstacles for the player to navigate through.

Selected Covers

3D Caveman Rocks Windows Front Cover
Front cover for 3D Caveman Rocks
Donkey Me Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Donkey Me
Fallout: Pip-Boy Android Front Cover
Front cover for Fallout: Pip-Boy
Hard Hat Mack PC Booter Front Cover
Front cover for Hard Hat Mack
CONGO MSX Front Cover
Front cover for CONGO

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen (in French)
Screenshot from Yeti
Demo mode
Screenshot from 3D Caveman Rocks
Opening sequence
Screenshot from Jumpman Lives!
Title screen
Screenshot from Donkey Me
Title Screen and Main Menu (in Russian)
Screenshot from Escape
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