Ecstatica series

Group Description

A pair of games by Andrew Spencer + co. featuring the Dark Ages adventures of a nameless hero and the magic-wielding enchantress Ecstatica in medieval Europe facing off against a wide array of monstrous and supernatural foes. All this in pseudo-3D: instead of animating characters (against matte painting-style static backdrops) using flat-faced polygons, they are all made of abstract collections of "spheroids" -- roundish blobs in their sum suggesting believable movements of comic and fanciful beings.

Selected Covers

Ečstatica DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Ečstatica
Ecstatica II Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Ecstatica II

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Ečstatica
If only the characters in every game were compelled to parade out the opening credits
Screenshot from Ecstatica II
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