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Fantasy Creatures: Dwarves

Group Description

Games that feature any version of a Dwarf race or creature, no matter how imagined by the developer. Creatures may be playable or just appear as NPCs, units, enemies, or any other form, as long as they are visually present in the game.

Creatures as such must be present in the game, not implications of such creatures (e.g. an artwork featuring a creature presented as a sticker on a racing car does not qualify).

Halflings (hobbits) do NOT qualify.
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sorted in ascending orderGame TitleYearPlatformPublisherUser Score
Phantasie1985Amiga, Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, FM-7, MSX, PC-88, PC-98, Sharp X1Strategic Simulations, Inc.3.60
Phantasie II1986Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, Commodore 64, FM-7, MSX, PC-88, PC-98, Sharp X1Strategic Simulations, Inc.4.13
Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus1987Amiga, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, FM-7, MSX, PC-88, PC-98, Sharp X1, Sharp X68000Strategic Simulations, Inc.3.60
Pillars of Eternity2015Linux, Macintosh, WindowsParadox Interactive AB4.03
Pool of Radiance1988Amiga, Apple II, Commodore 64, DOS, Macintosh, NES, PC-88, PC-98, Sharp X1FCI3.64
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor2001WindowsUbi Soft Entertainment Software2.53
Pools of Darkness1991Amiga, DOS, Macintosh, PC-98Strategic Simulations, Inc.3.63
Ravenloft: Stone Prophet1995DOSStrategic Simulations, Inc.3.85
Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession1994DOS, FM Towns, PC-98Strategic Simulations, Inc.3.81
Secret of the Silver Blades1990Amiga, Commodore 64, DOS, Macintosh, PC-98Strategic Simulations, Inc.3.34
Shard of Spring1986Apple II, Commodore 64, DOSStrategic Simulations, Inc.2.12
Slaves to Armok: God of Blood - Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress2006Linux, Macintosh, WindowsBay 12 Games3.89
Slayer1988Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64Hewson Consultants Ltd....
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs2002Atari 2600CGE Services Corporation...
SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past2014WindowsNordic Games GmbH...
SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny2012WindowsNordic Games GmbH...
SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars2006WindowsAspyr Media, Inc.3.54
SpellForce III2017WindowsTHQ Nordic GmbH...
SpellForce: The Order of Dawn2003WindowsEncore, Inc.3.98
Stronghold1993DOS, FM Towns, Linux, Macintosh, PC-98, WindowsStrategic Simulations, Inc.3.72
Stronghold Legends2006Windows1C Company2.23
Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition2016WindowsFireFly Studios Ltd....
Tales of the Unknown: Volume I - The Bard's Tale1985Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Apple IIgs, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, Macintosh, NES, PC-98, ZX SpectrumElectronic Arts, Inc.3.66
Three Dirty Dwarves1996SEGA Saturn, WindowsSegaSoft, Inc.3.67
Total War: Warhammer2016Linux, Macintosh, WindowsFeral Interactive Ltd....
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Selected Covers

Shard of Spring Commodore 64 Front Cover
Front cover for Shard of Spring
Phantasie II Atari ST Front Cover
Front cover for Phantasie II
Total War: Warhammer Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Total War: Warhammer

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Title screen
Screenshot from Shard of Spring
Title screen
Screenshot from Phantasie II
Title Screen
Screenshot from Phantasie
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