Fictional character: Bob Morane

Group Description

This group contains computer games featuring as their protagonist Henri Vernes' popular French-language adventurer character Bob Morane. First appearing in print in 1953, Bob's adventures have taken him from acting as an agent of Free France during WWII to Cold War spy games to zanier antics through history as a member of the Time Patrol, across over 200 novels, comics, film and TV adaptations.

The circumstances of his adventures are diverse in geography and genre, and so there aren't many unifying qualities across the games he appears in, except that he often is struggling against the machinations of his nemesis -- Mister Ming, "The Yellow Shadow".

Selected Covers

Project Neptune DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Project Neptune

Selected Screenshots

The intro starts with two people parachuting from a plane.
Screenshot from Project Neptune
Title screen
Screenshot from Bob Morane: Jungle 1
Title screen
Screenshot from Bob Morane: Chevalerie 1
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