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This game group includes all games under the Final Fantasy license.

Trivia: Monsters

The name of the monsters in the Final Fantasy universe are often taken from different mythologies of the world. Here is a small list of some popular monsters, and what mythology they are taken from:
  • Behemoth - Jewish mythology. A huge monster and a symbol of evil.
  • Ahriman - Persian mythology. Personification of evil (In Final Fantasy games, ahrimans are one-eyed flying creatures, looking like bats).
  • Asura - Hindu mythology. A class of deities, as opposed to the "deva" (gods).
  • Grendel - English mythology, a monster fought by Beowulf
  • Tiamat - Babylonian mythology. Chaos, the mother of all things.
  • Kali - Hindu mythology. A mighty and often dangerous goddess of time and destruction.
Monsters a character can summon:
  • Ifrit - Arab mythology. A wicked spirit, also known as Jinn.
  • Shiva - Hindu mythology. One of the greatest gods, sometimes regarded as the God. Unfortunately for all fans of the Final Fantasy version of Shiva - he is a man.
  • Ramuh - "Ramuh" is maybe a form of "Rama", the incarnation of Vishnu in Hindu mythology.
  • Phoenix - Greek mythology. A bird that resurrects itself after dying (the item "phoenix down" also comes from there). The Asian phoenix (Chinese fenghuang is a different creature that might have been the inspiration for the monster as well.
  • Titan - Greek mythology. Titans were a class of deities that fought against the Olympic gods.
  • Siren - Greek mythology. A beautiful woman who charms sailors by singing to them.
  • Leviathan - Jewish mythology. A huge water creature. In modern Hebrew this word (לויתן, "livyatan") means "whale".
  • Fafnir - Norse mythology. A dragon that was defeated by the hero Sigurd.
  • Hades - Greek mythology. The world of the dead and also its ruler.
  • Quetzalcoatl - Central American mythology. One of the greater gods of the Aztecs.
  • Odin - Norse mythology. The most powerful god, the ruler of gods.
  • Gilgamesh - Sumerian / Akkadian mythology. A great hero and a legendary king.
  • Bahamut - Arab mythology. Is actually a translation of the Hebrew "behemoth". In Arab mythology, it is a big fish, not a dragon.

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Final Fantasy Legend III Game Boy Front Cover
Front cover for Final Fantasy Legend III
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Front cover for Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy II Game Boy Advance Front Cover
Front cover for Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy Legend II Game Boy Front Cover
Front cover for Final Fantasy Legend II
Final Fantasy II NES Front Cover
Front cover for Final Fantasy II

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