Galaxy of Games series

Group Description

The Galaxy of Games series was sold by RomTech, Inc. later renamed as eGames, Inc. in US chain stores (Best Buy, Target, K-mart etc.) where it was very successful.

In Europe the company Greenstreet Software Ltd. acquired the rights to market the games following their acquisition of eGames European division in 2001.

The Galaxy of Games titles typically consist of 'Family Friendly' casual games with colourful graphics that were accessed via a custom game browser. Another feature of these compilations is that the same game may appear in multiple products, for example the game Geo Jump appears in Galaxy Of Games: Silver Edition, Galaxy Of Games: Kids Pack, Galaxy of Games: Blue Edition and Galaxy of Games.

Many of the games in these compilations were tagged as SE an abbreviation for 'Special Edition', 'Shareware Edition' or 'Standard Edition', the wording varied from game to game, meaning it had fewer levels than the full retail game.

Selected Covers

Galaxy of Sports Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Galaxy of Sports
Galaxy of Games 350 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Galaxy of Games 350
Galaxy of Mahjongg Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Galaxy of Mahjongg

Selected Screenshots

The install process brings up this menu from which each game is installed separately, once installed the games are run from either the Windows Start menu or desktop icons
Screenshot from Galaxy of Sports
When the CD is loaded the player is presented with this screen. From here they choose a game selection, 151 or 201 games, and from there they install the games individually
Screenshot from Galaxy of Games 350
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