Game Engine: Clausewitz

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The Clausewitz engine (named after the military theorist Carl von Clausewitz) is the replacement to the older Europa engine, both developed by Paradox Interactive. The most visible change to players is the move to 3D graphics. It was first used in Europa Universalis III (2007).

Selected Covers

Sengoku Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Sengoku
Hearts of Iron III Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Hearts of Iron III
Victoria II Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Victoria II
Europa Universalis IV Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Europa Universalis IV
March of the Eagles Windows Front Cover
Front cover for March of the Eagles

Selected Screenshots

Main Menu
Screenshot from Hearts of Iron III
Stability and Expansion
Screenshot from Europa Universalis IV
Main menu
Screenshot from Europa Universalis III
Primo Ordo. Europa Universalis: Rome's Main Menu
Screenshot from Europa Universalis: Rome
The setup screen before launching the game. Enable DLC and choose mods.
Screenshot from Crusader Kings II
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