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Games created with a version of the Construct DirectX and HTML5 game creator developed by a number of students under the name Scirra. It has a drag-and-drop interface and supports 2D physics through the Box2D physics engine. The first version was released in October 2007. The second version Construct 2 was released as a commercial product in February 2012 (the version first version was free) and introduced export to HTML5. The first version is now called Construct Classic.

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Selected Covers

Contradiction Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Contradiction
Angvik Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Angvik
Centauri Sector Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Centauri Sector
Donuts'n'Justice Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Donuts'n'Justice

Selected Screenshots

Loading screen.
Screenshot from Teleorpacman
Title screen
Screenshot from Contradiction
Main menu - Mouse not supported.
Screenshot from Angvik
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