Game Engine: RPG Maker

Group Description

Games that were created using any version of the RPG Maker toolkit.

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Selected Covers

Yume Nikki Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Yume Nikki
Blades of Heaven Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Blades of Heaven

Selected Screenshots

Main menu. Note that it's the English version simply because I couldn't get the Japanese version to run.
Screenshot from Yume Nikki
The frightening Evil Tower, home of the Dark Order
Screenshot from Laxius Power
Title screen
Screenshot from A Blurred Line
The Mosquito Swamp
Screenshot from Laxius Power III
Game group created by Sciere (508217), additional games added to group by Cantillon (15305), Rola (8307), Patrick Bregger (205268), GTramp (60461), WarioPunk (312), firefang9212 (46557), Harmony‚ô° (20221), Alaka (56954), Xoleras (66813), lights out 10000 (16732), JudgeDeadd (22244), Ace of Sevens (4474), Tomas Pettersson (28131) and Jeanne (76519)