Game Feature: Simulated Internet

Group Description

Games that simulate the use of an internet, the world wide web, or equivalent external area network, including science fiction representations. The use of a simulated internet must be part of actual gameplay for games to qualify for this game group.

A sci-fi representation of cyberspace in the game Bloodnet (1993).

  • An internet or equivalent external area network must be explicitly apparent. A LAN system or simply a graphical representation of a huge wall monitor with a world/universe map and blinking lights dots signifying something electronically fancy going does not qualify.

  • The simulated internet or equivalent external area network must be a gameplay element, optionally accessible to the player and is not merely a theme or a story-based-only feature.

  • An electronic mail (email) only feature is not sufficient enough to qualify as an equivalent of an external area network for the purposes of this game group.

Selected Covers

Spycraft: The Great Game DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Spycraft: The Great Game
Digital: A Love Story Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Digital: A Love Story
Uplink: Hacker Elite Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Uplink: Hacker Elite
Jagged Alliance 2 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Jagged Alliance 2

Selected Screenshots

CIA credo
Screenshot from Spycraft: The Great Game
Booting up the Amie Workbench
Screenshot from Digital: A Love Story
Uplink Screenshot 1
Screenshot from Uplink: Hacker Elite
From the intro.
Screenshot from Jagged Alliance 2
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