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Gameplay feature: Aging

Group Description

Games where the player controlled avatar/unit has an identifiable age or time signifier which will gradually increase while playing (or in some instances, decrease). Aging will result in changes to the player controlled avatar/unit such as physical changes (e.g. gray hair), attribute changes (e.g. lower or higher attributes), or other specified age-related changes (e.g. constantly whining). In some cases, aging may result in permanent death due to natural causes.

For games to qualify in this game group, a related consequence must be explicitly expressed by the game, such as positive or negative effects or new abilities/activities/features that may be attained only after reaching a certain age, or at the very least a graphical alteration of the character growing old.

For role-playing games (RPGs) or games of other genres that may have character development features, this is usually identified in the character or unit sheet/information display.

  • Only applies to games where the player has control over an avatar or unit(s). Games where an age is identifiable, however they are controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) without any form of direct player control should be excluded from this game group.

    Note: Ordering a character to act without actually controlling it directly is considered eligible for this game group. Units or characters such as monsters or pets, may also be eligible for this game group. Non-player characters (NPCs) or any unit not subject to the player's control as stated above however, should not be included.

  • Games where the age of a player controlled avatar/unit is identifiable, however no immediate consequence of an age increase/decrease is noticeable (e.g. age increase/decrease not followed by a graphical change or other changes of note), should be excluded from this game group.

  • Games where aging is only temporary through unnatural means of magic or potions (e.g. wither strike or potion of aging) should be excluded from this game group. This is a common feature in Dungeons & Dragons (D&D/AD&D) games or similar role-playing games and should be excluded from this game group.
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Title screen
Screenshot from The Sims 4
Title screen
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Screenshot from The Sims 3
Title screen
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