Gameplay Feature: Beast Riding & Beast Attacking

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Games in which the player can ride a beast, by which it means it is not an actual animal of any kind but an imaginary fantasy beast which is either your ally or your enemy in combat which you can tame or somehow catch to ride.

Needless to mention, all the games in this groups are undoubtedly fantasy games.

  • Player MUST BE ABLE to ride and navigate the beast.
  • Player MUST BE ABLE to use beast attacks.
  • If player can attack only with own weapons while riding the beast, the games should NOT be included in this group.

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Pokémon Ultra Moon2017Nintendo 3DSThe Pokémon Company International...
Pokémon Ultra Sun2017Nintendo 3DSThe Pokémon Company International...
Pokémon Sun2016Nintendo 3DSNintendo of America Inc....
Pokémon Moon2016Nintendo 3DSNintendo of America Inc....
Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon: Special Demo Version2016Nintendo 3DSNintendo of America Inc....
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor2014Linux, Macintosh, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox OneWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc.3.86
Pokémon X2013Nintendo 3DSNintendo of America Inc.4.38
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Ultimate Edition2013WindowsKonami Digital Entertainment, Inc.4.03
Pokémon Y2013Nintendo 3DSNintendo of America Inc.4.28
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (Limited Edition)2010PlayStation 3, Xbox 360Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.4.48
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow2010PlayStation 3, Xbox 360Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.4.31
Golden Axe: Beast Rider2008PlayStation 3, Xbox 360SEGA of America, Inc.3.20
Sega Ages 2500: Vol.5 - Golden Axe2003PlayStation 23D Ages4.00
Drakan: The Ancients' Gates2002PlayStation 2Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.3.77
Drakan: Order of the Flame1999WindowsPsygnosis Limited3.98
Golden Axe1989Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Android, Arcade, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, Genesis, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Macintosh, PlayStation 3, SEGA Master System, TurboGrafx CD, Wii, Windows, WonderSwan Color, Xbox 360, ZX SpectrumSEGA Corporation3.59

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Pokémon Y Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Front cover for Pokémon Y
Golden Axe: Beast Rider PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Front cover for Golden Axe: Beast Rider
Pokémon Ultra Sun Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Front cover for Pokémon Ultra Sun

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Main menu.
Screenshot from Golden Axe: Beast Rider
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