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Gameplay feature: Blacksmithing

Group Description

Games that use blacksmithing as a part of the game play. For purposes of this game group, blacksmithing is defined as:

"The use of one or several metal-based ingredients with or without the use of certain apparatus to create a certain outcome in the form of a metal-based weapon, armor, tool or similar device."

Acquiring ingredients for blacksmithing purposes within the game may be acquired through mining, defeating monsters or purchase at a local shop. Blacksmithing also often requires the use of certain apparatus other than ingredients or recipes (e.g. forge, anvil, part-time dwarven flame throwers, etc.)

  • The inventory of blacksmithing used in the game has to be somewhat large. So games that only have two metal ores just to create a dagger (and only those two metal ores in the game) are excluded from the game. Any game that identifies more than 10 ingredients that can be used for blacksmithing should qualify for this game group;

  • The player must be the active blacksmith in the game and does not require the use of a third party or NPC (Non-Player Character) to do the forging for him/her. Thus, usually the player may seek a forge and directly combine metal-related ingredients directly from his or her inventory or in other cases from the warehouse or other means of storage.

  • This game group is limited to classical or medieval use of blacksmithing that require certain ingredients or recipes for the formula to work. Games that simply use two (or more) items of non-blacksmithing value (i.e. hot fudge sundae with an elven pencil sharpener) are excluded from this game group.

  • Items produced from blacksmithing are limited to the medieval or classical sense. Games that allow the forging modern weapons such as an AK-47 or a 'sci-fi with a twist' weapon, such as a laser-beamed broad sword are excluded from this game group (unless, actual medieval-type weapons/armor, etc. are also available).

  • This is not a blacksmithing-themed based game group. Games must include the process of blacksmithing as part of the gameplay. So puzzle games or adventure games where the player chases an orc blacksmith around (without actually doing any blacksmithing) are out.
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