Gameplay feature: Character development - Skill distribution

Group Description

This group contains all games in which the character development is based on manually developing character attributes or skills. When certain criteria are met, a fixed amount of points is distributed to raise a character's attribute or make them learn or improve a skill.

Special cases

  • Also included are games in which skills are bought instead of improved, as long as there is an underlying experience points mechanic. Example: Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  • If a game has partly automatic skill distribution, it still belongs into this group. Example: in Baldur's Gate some stats (e.g. hit points) rise automatically, but others like thief skills are divided manually.
  • The group can also include games which disguise the experience points mechanics. Examples: System Shock 2 has no level ups but is still a valid entry because the cybermodules work like directly distributed experience points. They are only received after completing objectives or exploration.
  • Deus Ex: Invisible War is not valid because augmentations and upgrades are bought with money. There is no experience point mechanic present.
  • A rule of thumb: when in doubt and the game in question is not an RPG, there is a good change it does not belong into this group. However, there are exceptions like No One Lives Forever 2

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