Gameplay feature: Controllable pet companions

Group Description

This group contains games in which the player is able to control a pet, an animal or creature, during gameplay. The pet usually becomes part of the party of adventures and can have its own equipment, spells and skills. Role-playing games most often fit into this group.

Exclusions (these do not belong in this group):
  • Games in which the main character is an animal/creature.
  • An animal/creature that simply accompanies the protagonist, providing hints or comments, but cannot be controlled.
  • Simulation games in which a pet can be taught tricks but is otherwise not controlled by the player.

Selected Covers

NetHack iPhone Front Cover
Front cover for NetHack
Dungeon Siege II Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Dungeon Siege II
Dragon Age: Origins Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Dragon Age: Origins

Selected Screenshots

Nethack on Linux
Screenshot from NetHack
4 Chars near the teleporter
Screenshot from Dungeon Siege II
Main Menu
Screenshot from Dragon Age: Origins
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