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Games where a player's character may optionally acquire an addiction to an external substance with addictive properties. If addicted to the specified substance, the player's character must then suffer ill effects, if after a certain period of time does not continue to consume more of that substance. Real life medical terms may include: substance abuse, addiction, or dependency to describe this condition.

The external substance usually comes in the form of a consumable item, accessible via the character's inventory. Using the consumable item may offer additional bonuses, however with a chance to become addicted with continued use. Addiction may have positive or negative effects, though negative effects should be more dominant. Detoxification or the process to purge the addictive substance from the character is sometimes an optional feature.

External substances with addictive properties are not limited to drugs or narcotics (both are subject to changes or different interpretations per region). That said, any substance within the game that may cause addiction should be included in this game group e.g. coffee, tea, nicotine, etc.

  • Although it could be argued otherwise, for the purposes of this game group: vampirism is not substance abuse. Hunger and thirst are not substance abuses. An ex-girlfriend or boyfriend are not substance abuses. Please refer to traditional conceptions of substance abuse, addiction, and dependency.
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