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Gameplay feature: Loot boxes

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In its most basic form, a loot box is a container that can be opened to receive a randomized selection of items. Boxes may be earned during normal gameplay or purchased from an in-game shop, but typically players are required to spend real-world money to open the box and get the items inside. Though many games limit the contents of these boxes to cosmetic effects such as outfits and emotes, others include items that have an impact on gameplay.

Loot boxes became more common in the mid-2010s as a way to add new content and generate revenue for freemium games, but they have also faced criticism for perceived ethical and legal issues. Common criticisms include the possibility that the boxes encourage gambling, as well as concerns about games becoming pay-to-win or developers locking major content behind paywalls. Several countries have thus banned the sale of loot boxes or introduced strict regulations for them.

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