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Games that feature slavery as a gameplay element within the game, which may include the process of capturing humanoids or equivalent lifeforms for the purposes of enslavement (e.g. prisoners of war to be sold as slaves) or at the very least, selling them as merchandise. The game should explicitly identify the term slave or equivalent terms.

  • This is not a slave/slavery-themed game group. The game must allow the player to optionally participate in slavery-related activities (as an oppressor, accomplice, or compliant). Hence, games where slavery is only a theme, e.g. the player starts as a slave or any activity that is strictly limited to story with no option to otherwise actively participate in slavery-related activities during the game should be excluded from the game group.

  • Slaves should be limited to a sentient or of equivalent higher intelligence life form in comparison to humans. Although it could be argued that selling domesticated animals or having pets is in itself a form of slavery, this is not primary intention of this game group.
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Front cover for Mount & Blade: Warband
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Front cover for Elite
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Front cover for Rings of Medusa

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