Gameplay mechanic: One button flying

Group Description

Games where the player has to fly a character or aircraft by repeatedly pressing or holding down a single button (or tapping the screen). These games usually automatically scroll forward and by pressing the button the character gains height. When the button is not pressed the character will lose height before hitting the ground.

Selected Covers

Jetpack Joyride iPad Front Cover
Front cover for Jetpack Joyride
Fall Out Bird Android Front Cover
Front cover for Fall Out Bird
Flappy Toucan bada Front Cover
Front cover for Flappy Toucan
Badland Android Front Cover
Front cover for Badland
Boring Bird Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Boring Bird

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Jetpack Joyride
Title screen, with all four band members displayed
Screenshot from Fall Out Bird
The game boots straight into this screen - no title.
Screenshot from Floppy Bird
Title screen
Screenshot from Badland
Into the tunnel we go...
Screenshot from Flapper
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