Games with manual lookup copy protection

Group Description

Games that use copy protection by identifying a specified letter, word, or symbol in the manual or equivalent, based on in-game copy protection instructions.

For purposes of this game group and to avoid confusion, manual is defined as:

"A set of instructions, guidelines, or similar equivalent included with the game. Copy protection sources in this regard must be included in the manual and not be provided separately".

A manual may come in the form of a 100 page manual book or a simple one page guide. Traditionally, manuals with manual lookup copy protection came in a hard copy format. Later adaptations may introduce a softcopy version of the manual with similar copy protection requirements.

Entering the correct letter/word/symbol will allow the player to continue the game, while failing to do so will prompt the game to exit or any equivalent inhibiting the player to continue the game.

Manual lookup copy protection from Keef the Thief.

  • This game group is specifically for copy protection via a manual. Copy protection material that do not require the manual and come separate in origin (e.g. calendars, maps, etc.) should be excluded from this game group, unless of course such material is a part of mentioned manual;

  • If copy protection material is part of manual, but later must be manually removed by the player (e.g. cut-out) and thus becomes separate from the manual, should be excluded from this game group.
Games that were later released as freeware and may have their copy-protection features disabled may also qualify for this game group.

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For achievements in both city management and combat, you receive titles.
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Title screen
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