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Genre: Battle Royale

Group Description

Battle Royale is a subset of the action genre. The entire game or one of its game modes is based around the concept of last-man-standing. Typically a large number of players start with minimal equipment in a large environment. The goal is to take out all other players to become the last one remaining, most often operating individually and not as a team. There is permadeath and killed players need to wait until the next round to rejoin.

Other elements often vary per game, but defining features are an area that shrinks over time, gradually pushing players closer together. Characters also often start out with minimal equipment and need to search for weapons and armour. There are often elements of stealth and sometimes building features or drivable vehicles. Killed players leave behind loot. There is often progression in skills over games, but typically items are not carried over between rounds.

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Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Apex Legends
Loading screen
Screenshot from Fortnite: Battle Royale
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