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Atari Black Friday

Genre: Card / Tile game - Euchre

Group Description

Games that contain playable versions of the card game Euchre.

Selected Covers

Hearts Spades Euchre Nintendo DSi Front Cover
Front cover for Hearts Spades Euchre
Hoyle Classic Card Games DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Hoyle Classic Card Games
Hoyle Card Games Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Hoyle Card Games
Ultimate Card Games Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Front cover for Ultimate Card Games

Selected Screenshots

The game starts with a hardware check
Screenshot from Euchre
Title screen.
Screenshot from Hoyle Classic Card Games
When the game is run for the first time after it's installation it takes the player through some configuration questions. Later questions deal with animations and background music
Screenshot from Hoyle Card Games
The start of a freeware game.
The boxes on the right show the skill level 'Novice' and though it looks as though this can be changed, in this version 'Novice' is the only option
Screenshot from Euchre
Game group created by Alaka (92853), additional games added to group by POMAH (66760), piltdown_man (210026), Rik Hideto (471358), firefang9212 (78298) and vedder (60382)
Atari Black Friday