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Genre: Card / Tile game - Rummy

Group Description

This game group collects games based on the card/tile matching game of Rummy and related games such as Rummikub and Gin Rummy. Games in this category generally revolve around creating sets (cards/tiles of equal value but different suits) and runs (cards/tiles of increasing value) and winning points based on the value of cards/tiles in the other player's possession at the end of a round.
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Selected Covers

Jungle Gin Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Jungle Gin
Rummikub Nintendo DSi Front Cover
Front cover for Rummikub
Ultimate Card Games Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Front cover for Ultimate Card Games
Hoyle Card Games Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Hoyle Card Games
Gin Rummy Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for Gin Rummy

Selected Screenshots

Control Center
Screenshot from Hoyle Card Games
Title screen.
Screenshot from Jungle Gin
Title screen / Main menu.
Screenshot from Ultimate Card Games
Language selection
Screenshot from Rummikub
The first game screen asks the player to choose a language, English or French. The second asks that the select a player id, or create one, and the kind of game they wish to play
Screenshot from Gin Rummy Pro 2
Game group created by Sciere (817587), additional games added to group by Trypticon (11040), Rola (8277), CalaisianMindthief (8238), POMAH (66760), piltdown_man (210305), Rik Hideto (471376), firefang9212 (78300), Alaka (92917), Игги Друге (46309) and vedder (60498)
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